I am in the building on a weekly basis to visit with the residents. The building is always clean inside and outside. The residents are engaged in activities and seem very happy. Every resident is dressed, clean, and smiling. The community feels like a home; it is not clinical. One of my favorite things is the decorations the residents make and display throughout the community.

Stephanie R.

My family is so happy with the new management company. We have noticed an improvement since January 1st. The staff is friendly, open and always available. My mother is so much happier than she has been. She loves to go out in the courtyard and water the plants. Thank you for improving her quality of life.

Chris O.

I love our facility because it is like home to me. You get to know everyone quickly and you make friends fast. All your activities and meals are with your friends and that means a lot to me. The staff are very kind and this place is designed to look and feel like a home. I like how is it kept up and decorated to feel like a home, not a sterile place.

Loretta D.

Resident of Heritage Avonlea of Olathe

I have family at Heritage Avonlea of Olathe and every time we go to visit, we find a calm and happy place. The food is well made and tastes great. There is always some activity or party for the residents and everyone smiles there. The staff are polite, always helpful, and they know each resident by name. I appreciate seeing a well kept building that looks and smells great. I would recommend Heritage Avonlea to anyone who wants a positive experience for a loved one.

Betty P.

This is the third assisted living community I have lived in and it is the very best.  I have good neighbors, fun activities, and the staff are always pleasant to me. I would say that at Heritage Avonlea you get an attractive, well run place with good neighbors and good food!

Bonnie T.

Resident of Heritage Avonlea of Olathe

Avonlea Heritage of Olathe has been a good home for my mom. She loves her apartment style room. The staff are nice and communicative. It took several weeks for mom to adjust. The staff contacted me regularly which helped eased my concerns. Laurie is a kind, efficient Director. My mom loves that Laurie cares for the garden area and that she visits with her. Avonlea’s holiday parties are special. The staff decorates for holidays, even placing fun items in the residents’ apartments. We have grown fond of several of the residents. We join them often for card games. I would recommend Avonlea!

Deanna C.

Resident of Heritage Avonlea of Olathe

My mother, Betty Kiely, has been living at Heritage Avonlea of Olathe for three (3) plus years and she liked it first time we visited. She is happy and gets along with staff and residents. I am happy because it is affordable and she gets taken care of. I know most if not all of the staff and quite a few residents and they are always helpful and pleasant to talk to. Since Laurie has taken over, I see individuals more energized by her “go getter” personality. Other changes for the good are more activities for the residents to keep busy. This is especially important to my mom because she has pretty bad macular degeneration which makes it difficult for her to do anything on her own such as read, watch TV, or even write a letter. Those days are gone for her which makes it boring for her from day to day. She loves Bingo days and going to church on Sundays, so more activities will be great for her.


The future for Heritage Avonlea is looking better to me and I hope my mom can stay as long as possible because it is now her home.

Garry D.

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